With the growth of consumer groups,electronic cigarette users raising up much more requirements on electronic cigarette sorts,quality,and functions.Same thing on the palpable of the level of the consumers.Ecannal Technology Co., Ltd was born for the new demanding of the market.
        The company's business includes six major areas: 
        1. Manufacturing and trading of electronic cigarette and spare parts.
        2. Consulting of china e cigarette products and industry information.
        3. Customizing of upgrading Industry and product information. 
        4. Customizing of high-end products. 
        5. Manufacture inspection and quality control.  
        6. Marketing solution and related area support.
        Ecannal Operating System is composed of Ministry of Commerce, Mastermind Department and Product Information Department. 
        All of the stuffs in charge of the departments had been in Electronic Cigarette Industry over five years with high level of education background.
        Ministry of Commerce is responsible on accepting customer requirements which including purchasing orders and market feedback;Mastermind Department raise up detailed projects and customer support solutions;Product Information Department offer the newest and best sellers from both our production depart and the china domestic market as a strong Logistic support. 
        We can be a good partner here in China with our strong professional ability, full product information advantage and smart customer support solution.
        Dear customers,choose to cooperate with us to relieve the pressure of your purchasing and franchising canels, save more time and energy to enjoy your life with your family and friends. =)

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