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        Electronic cigarette started mass producing and selling good in the year of 2007, all things are rechargeable and refillable mini cigarettes at that time.


        Then, things get different in 2010. E-smokers started to accept the second generation of electronic cigarette which is coming with disposable cartomizer but rechargeable battery. 


        In the middle of 2010, big electronic cigarette which called VGO/EGO is coming into the market, but it is not well known as much as mini electronic cigarette.


        At the end of 2010, VGO/EGO electronic cigarette are getting hot in the market. I mean the oldest version of VGO/EGO with a cover, a 510 atomizer and a cartridge.

        Its advantage is the battery with large power.

        The most large battery capacity is 350mah of mini electronic cigarette, while in the year of 2010, the capacity of EGO/VGO electronic cigarette batteries is 650mah at least. 2-3 times powerful than the ordinary mini electronic cigarette.


        Tank system and clearomizers of electronic cigarette were born at the end of 2010 and getting popular in the year of 2011.

        eGo-Tank, vGo-Tank, 510-Tank, eGo-c. Then, CE2,CE4,CE4Plus with replaceable atomizer coil, Vivi Novas, T2, Bottom Coils T3,ESMART, Pro-tanks, Rebuild-able dripping atomizer with adjustable airflow, mechanical mods with powerful functions etc.

        I believe there are over 100 kinds of electronic cigarette in the market.

        But, few of electronic cigarette are coming with unique or smart appearance design and construction with fantastic quality.

        That is why part of EU countries started producing both electronic cigarette hardware and e liquid in their own country. Obviously, US is the country which is leading the electronic cigarette international market. It is 2-3 years advanced than other countries.


        Ecannal started making research of China electronic cigarette market since the year of 2009.

        Five years past, we almost knew the full history of electronic cigarette.

        China electronic cigarette factories were opened and closed with high frequency.

        Some people here earn quick money at the cost of ruining the international electronic cigarette market.

        They reduce the cost of raw materials as most as they can in order to offer a low price to rob the electronic cigarette customers for themselves. Electronic cigarette quality is getting worse since the year of 2012.


        That caused by the headache of e-smokers.

        So, most of e-smokers are willing to get a quality product with higher price, but they do not know who they should trust. There are so many electronic cigarette manufacturers in the market (Not lack of bad ass)


        We are sad and at a loss for electronic cigarette market in the past days.


        But, things will be getting better soon.

        Here in china, most of electronic cigarette factories which were ruining the market were closed and lose faith about electronic cigarettes. And, there are some large factories with good reputation worldwide are getting into electronic cigarette industry. We believe there would be a new market environment for electronic cigarette in the market soon.

        E-smokers must regain confidence about electronic cigarette.

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