• Product Name: PE012 60ml PE Slim Pen bottle
        • Model No.: PE012-60ml
        • Updated: 2016-06-15
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        PE012 Child-tamper dropper pe 60ml slim pen bottle
        Pen style  Dropper Slim Pen Bottle
        60ml Capacity
        Semi clear PE
        Child Tamper Cap
        Insert Dropper
        Large Caliber

        A. Child Tamper Dropper Cap

        Feature: 2 layers constructure, child safety, anti-theft ring on bottom

        Use: press then screw, then the anti-theft ring left on bottle neck

        Style: A-classic, B-candy, C-candle (3 Options)

        Color: over 10 sorts


        B. Insert Tip Dropper

        Feature: plug-in insert, long tip

        Color: semi clear


        C. Bottle Tube

        pen style slim design

        soft pe plastic material

        original semi clear color

        60ml capacity


        for ecig oil



        The most outstanding feature of this e liquid plastic bottle is the pen style shape, the pen slim bottes have been in hot selling since it developed in 2015; also the dual lock childproof tamper evident cap plays a key role in safety, espacialling for the children and the old. 


        And this bottle body is made with soft PE plastic material, soft and squeezeable, e liquid can be squeezed out from the bottle easily, much more convenient for oiling when vaping, also its boston round shape is classic and popular all over the world.


        More importange, this LDPE bottle is food-level and the most stable material to carry the eliquid. And the original semi clear color tube will not make your eliquid smell plastic even if you have put the eliquid inside the bottle for a pretty long period




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