• Product Name: Ecannal Palace Mechanical Mod 18650
        • Model No.: Palace-2
        • Updated: 2014-11-26
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        Palace Mec Mod eCig 18650 battery tube
        Key Points
        2014 new mod 
        18650 battery tube 
        Palace & wave
        Mechanical 18650 Mod
        Mec Mod Kit

        PALACE Specification





        EC-Mods IV


        18.3 ( +/-0.2) mm


        66.0 (+/- 0.5) mm

        Input Volt



        103g 103g (excluding atomizer & battery)

        Fit Battery

        18650 high magnification battery



        PALACE Mod Features

        1, Product components: connector (copper), battery tube (copper), the battery

            bottom cap (copper), manual switch (copper).


        2, The connector contacts use special material for good conductive properties.

            You can twist the connector to increase or reduce the position of the pole to

        be compatible with different kinds of atomizers.


        3, Battery tube is made of copper which is compatible with multiple 18650 series battery cells.


        4, The bottom cap is made of copper, which combined pole, lock ring and manual switch together.

             Screw on the bottom cap, enjoy the vapor time.


        5. Power switch include pole, lock ring and manual switch. You can lock the switch to avoid false touch.

            Unlock the switch by Anti-Clock.


        6, The components can be matched under perfect condition caused by the raw material with good conductive

             properties. The Cumulative contact resistance is less than 0.15 ohm. Please do not use the product in the

             case of output short circuit.


        7,  Please choose the appropriate battery cell to work with Palace

        The operating current ofPalace is 4.2/(R+0.15) 


        8,  E.G.  If your atomizer resistance is 0.45 ohm, the least operating current of the battery cell should be larger 

        than 7A from 4.2/(0.45+0.15)


        9,  The product do not contain dashboard. It can provide the no-limit large operating current.

             The temperature of the battery might be getting high caused by the large output wattage

             during using. Please suspend the battery when the battery tube gets high temperature.


        10, If the vapor is turning smaller, please replace the battery cell and recharge the battery.


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