• Product Name: Scarab Pro Max 25mm Mod
        • Model No.: Scarab Pro Max
        • Updated: 2019-06-13
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        Scarab Pro Max 25mm Mod
        The Scarab Pro Max 25mm is characterized by its relatively simple operation, which excludes the usual disadvantages of a mechanical switch such as arcing, carbon build up, and performance degradation over time. The benefit of the switch design in the Scarab Pro results in fast and instant power ramp up for strong hits and consistent performance over time.
        The recommended MINIMUM resistance of your atomizer should be no lower than 0.20Ω with 21700 batteries.
        Best recommended resistance is 0.30Ω or higher. Adjust the resistance minimum as required based on the current limits of the battery you use.


        Unregulated personal vaporizer and power supply unit
        Outer diameter: 25mm
        Inner diameter: 22mm
        Material: Stainless steel (1.4301)
        Total length: 98mm
        Acceptable battery size: 1x 21700 high drain IMR lithium battery with or without nipple top
        LED built in to button for visual signaling of the device status
        Detachable top cap can be replaced with future optional accessory cones.
        Positive Contact: Rigid, not spring loaded
        Contacts: gold plated
        Do NOT use additional electronics such as the Evolve Kick!
        Do NOT stack batteries! Use a single cell only!
        Maximum operating voltage (no load): 4.5 Volts
        Minimum operating voltage (under load): 2.6 Volts
        Minimum coil resistance: 0.20Ω
        Maximum operating current: 20 Amps
        Maximum peak current (transient 500μs): 40 Amps
        Standby current: < 1mA
        Voltage loss (Volt-drop) of electronics without contact resistances and internal resistance of the battery:
        Voltage loss @ 10 Amps: ca. 0.04 Volts
        Voltage loss @ 20 Amps: ca. 0.08 Volts
        Key Lock:
        Electronic switch lock can be engaged by pressing the button five times quickly. Successful lock is briefly indicated by a red-lit LED.
        Electronic switch lock can be disengaged by pressing the button five times quickly again. Successful unlock is briefly indicated by a red-lit LED.
        Switch will fire when unlocked, which is indicated by a solid green-lit LED for the entire length of time the switch is pressed.

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