Electronic Cigarette Hard Wares Problems

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        Electronic Cigarette Hard Ware Problems


        It was easy to do electronic cigarette business in the first few years.

        Like before 2011, few competitors, ordinary quality, fresh product.

        While things get being difficult since the end of 2011.


        The real price war of electronic cigarettes began from the year of 2012.

        Tons of new products, tons of competitors, tons of low prices lead electronic cigarette business to vicious circles:

        More competitors--Lower price--Poor Quality—More Lower Price—Garbage Products—Market Crisis—New Product Born—Fakes Born—Lower Price—Poor Quality—Market Trust Crisis—Market Frozen


        We are spending an extremely hard time to insist our Spirit and Attitude of doing business under a situation like that.


        The year of 2013 is a disaster of electronic cigarette industry.

        We admit that there are tons of Millionaires were born in this year because the raising up market requirement of electronic cigarette. Problem is that there are always greedy people existing everywhere.


        The greedy importers push the manufacturers and trade companies to reach their unreasonable price level to earn much more profit


        The greedy manufacturers and trade companies produce/trade products at horrible quality to win the business from the competitors


        After the CRAZY purchasing period among the first 9 months of 2013, large defective issues raise up in the marketE-smokers lose faith on china electronic cigarettes cause the high defective rate and terrible new products.


        These greedy people ruin the market, while consumers and the loyalty businessmen paid the bill.


        E-smokers worldwide start to pursue quality electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer from European Market, though the price is times of higher. They do not care.

        What they want is just a good device which can be working for a long period.


        Remember that, Trust and Faith are always the most precious things in business. If you lose the trust and faith from customers, you lose your position in the business.

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